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  • M. Rambaran-Olm

    M. Rambaran-Olm

    Literary Historian. Palaeographer. Antiracist Activist. Dual Citizen. WoC. Resident of the 5th Circle of Hell. Lover of 80s cartoons. Twitter: @isasaxonists

  • Cory Doctorow

    Cory Doctorow

    Writer, blogger, activist. Blog: https://pluralistic.net; Mailing list: https://pluralistic.net/plura-list; Twitter: https://twitter.com/doctorow

  • Matthew Park

    Matthew Park

  • Marco Ponzi

    Marco Ponzi

  • Marwan El-Asmar

    Marwan El-Asmar

    Alcohol in the Levant, Middle East and everywhere else. “I drink today, I tend to serious matters tomorrow”

  • James Thomas

    James Thomas

    http://JamesThomas.me Doctor and Educator. Podcast https://www.takeaurally.com Blog on Medical Education and History of Medicine https://mcdreeamiemusings.com

  • Guy Windsor

    Guy Windsor

    I am a swordsman, writer, and entrepreneur. I research and teach medieval and Renaissance Italian swordsmanship, blog about it and write books about it.

  • Matt Gabriele

    Matt Gabriele

    Prof & Dept Chair. medieval/ modern. nostalgia/ apocalypse. Wrote THE BRIGHT AGES (Harper, Dec 21). Neutral Good. See more profgabriele.com

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